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Condensation Surveys

Wards Blackpool Ltd are your local experts in diagnosing and treating condensation in your property, give us a call on 01253 343326 and see how we can help.

By far the most common cause of dampness experienced by tenants and householders, resulting in a large number of enquiries. Condensation is caused by water vapour or moisture from inside the dwelling coming into contact with a colder surface, such as a window or wall. The resultant water drops (condensation) may then soak into the wallpaper or paintwork or even plasterwork. In time, the affected damp areas then attract black mould that grows on its surface.

Condensation mainly occurs during the colder months, whether it is rainy or dry outside. It is usually found in the corners of rooms, north facing walls and on or near windows. It is also found in areas of little air circulation such as behind wardrobes and beds, especially when they are pushed up against external walls. Black mould is almost always present with this type of dampness.

Most homes will be affected by condensation at some point. However, certain activities can increase the problem. Whether you are the property owner or a rent-paying tenant, condensation and mould growth is almost always due to habits and lifestyle of the occupant, and is something that can easily be reduced or remedied.

Cooking, washing, drying clothes indoors, even breathing - all produce water vapour that can only be seen when tiny drops of water (condensation) appear on colder surfaces such as walls, windows, ceilings or mirrors.

We offer solution including:

  • Installation of P.I.V. (Positive input Ventilation Units 
  • Passive ventilators 
  • Insulation of Cold spots and Cold Bridges 
  • Improvements to general background ventilation. 
  • Internal Insulation and dry lining of cold Walls.

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Condensation? Rising Damp? Or Both?