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Damp Control Blackpool

We provide the following damp services:

Specialist Surveys, Inspections and Written Reports

Our qualified surveyor can inspect sites throughout the Lancashire Area. We will report findings and provide a survey, report and quotation for any remedial work required for the following problems.

Rising Dampness, Lateral Moisture Penetration & Cold Bridging

Rising dampness in buildings may be defined as the vertical flow of water up through a permeable wall structure, the water being derived from ground water. The water rises through the pores (capillaries) in the masonry by a process loosely termed "capillarity." In other words the masonry acts like a wick. The rising ground water deposits hygroscopic (moisture absorbing nitrates chlorides etc) salts in the plasterwork. These salts are deposited on the face of the plaster as water evaporates from the surface. They are hygroscopic and therefore cause the face of the wall to be persistently damp particularly during periods of high humidity.

Wards Blackpool Ltd offers the following solutions:

  • Diagnosis of the source of dampness. 
  • The installation of a chemical, physical, electro osmosis damp-proof courses and associated plastering and building works. 
  • Insulation of cold Areas to prevent surface condensation 
  • Removal and reinstatement of of salt contaminated Plasterwork. 
  • Removal debris or defective insulation within the cavity walls

Basement Waterproofing

Wards Blackpool Ltd are specialists at protecting basement environments.

Our qualified surveyor is able to assess and specify treatments to convert damp basements and cellars into dry habitable spaces. Each project is unique and our surveyor will select the most effective solution according to construction, the localised water table conditions, the planned use of the space and the practicalities of treatment.

We can provide the following solutions:

  • Diagnosis of the source of dampness.
  • The installation of a cavity membrane drainage systems to BS 8102 supplied by Wykamol, Triton, or Newton or more traditional cementitious waterproofing systems. For example, Sika tanking and Vandex.

Condensation Control

Wards Blackpool Ltd can provide advice on controlling condensation by mechanical and passive ventilation, moulds removal and treatments.

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Visible Rising Damp

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Damp Course Installation and Preparation

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Repairing Plaster Damage Caused By Rising Damp

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Damp Basement Wall

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Damp Basement After Membrane Application and Plastering